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Sky News interview on Covid-19 related Exam 2020 results (13 August 2020)
BBC1 interview for Health Check UK on parents concerns over homeschooling (31 March 2020)
BBC Scotland interview with Gordon Brewer on the disadvantages of the progressive Scottish curriculum (1 March 2020)
• BBC Wiltshire interview on whether Church of England schools are still relevant within a more secular British society.
Dubai Eye interview on parents removing children from school to capitalise on low airfares during school term (24 May 2018)
 BBC Kent interview on giving presents to teachers (17 July 2017)
 BBC Kent interview on finding funding for Free Schools and Grammar Schools (7 March 2017)
 2016 ROI Families First Awards interview
 BBC Kent interview on the new Chatham Grammar School (12 November 2015)
 BBC Solent interview on ‘Are our kids tough enough?’ Chinese School’ Episode 3 (19 August 2015)
 BBC Solent interview on ‘Are our kids tough enough? Chinese School’ Episode 2 (12 August 2015)
 BBC Solent interview on ‘Are our kids tough enough – Chinese School’ Episode 1 (5 August 2015)
 Hope FM interview on the way education has changed in the last 50 years (4 August 2015)
• BBC Kent interview on Kent Primary in Academy status row (16 February 2015)
 BBC Kent interview on Pros and Cons of Academy Status (16 February 15)
 Hope FM interview on which subjects should you be focusing on when applying for a grammar school in Dorset (23 October 2014)

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