Accelerated Education

Accelerated Education

AE PublicationsAE Publications produces a range of books which form part of a balanced extra-curricular programme that may be easily implemented by parents with their children at home.

At AE Publications we believe that we can help every child to reach their full potential. Whether preparing a child for the 11+ and SATs examinations or helping to build on what has been learnt at school, we consider our material to be the best on the market.

The workbooks and testbooks we produce were originally developed as part of the teaching materials used by children at the AE tuition centre in Berkshire. We made the decision to produce our own books after finding that the available teaching material was not adequate for the required purposes.

Our entire range of workbooks and testbooks is written by our in-house team at AE Publications. They carefully develop each new book to ensure that it meets the needs of tutors, parents and children themselves.

Classroom TestedOnce a new book has been written, it is sent to our tuition centre where it is put through its paces throughout an academic year before being sold to the public. So, when parents and tutors see the ‘Classroom Tested’ logo on the cover of each of our books, they know that the book they are buying has been rigorously tested.

The workbooks return to the traditional manner of teaching, where children are taught ‘how-to’ techniques and are then given carefully graded tests to improve their problem-solving skills and assess their progress. AE Tuition

The AEP online bookshop showcases all the workbooks, testbooks and testpacks available for purchase from AE Publications.