Since the launch of AE Publications in 1999, over 60 workbooks and testbooks have been written, classroom-tested and released to the public. Our books cover the following subjects:

  • English (Spelling & Vocabulary, Creative Writing, Comprehension, Semantics)
  • Maths
  • Verbal Activity – which covers both Verbal Reasoning (GL Assessments) and Verbal Ability (CEM) components of the respective 11+ exams
  • Non-verbal Reasoning


Released in 2018 is my own book on screenwriting: ‘Screenwriting Teachers 1911-1922: Their Origins, Contribution and Legacy’.

You can purchase your copy through Amazon UK or buy in bulk through Gardners Books.

Early Screenwriting Teachers 1910–1922: Origins, Contribution and Legacy, is an historical study that reveals the previously unacknowledged contribution that early screenwriting teachers have made to the development of the Hollywood film industry. Drawing on an extensive range of primary materials, including manuals and columns written for the fan and trade press, this book shows the significant role five key screenwriting teachers played in translating playwriting theory and theatrical tradition into writing for film. It demonstrates how these early teachers contributed to forming and codifying a set of foundational writing techniques specific to the film medium, as well as examining the legacy they have left in the context of the role and function of contemporary screenwriting gurus.