Our children are being subjected to propaganda

Our children are being subjected to propaganda

Young children in Britain are being exposed to material that is completely inappropriate and unsuitable.

We have learned that in Wales, seven-year-olds have been told that they might be a ‘mixed berry gender fluid muffin’.

Aside from the sheer absurdity of the notion, these trendy theories have little or no academic evidence to support them. Feelings now often trump facts.

Objective and disinterested research is giving way to a woke agenda that leads to children potentially being harmed.

The ‘Agenda Pamphlet’ issued by the Welsh Government in which ‘gender fluid muffins’ appear should not be used to teach primary school children. It is not age appropriate.

In fact, it might not be appropriate for anyone.

Within this document that was compiled – predictably – by academics at Cardiff University, it recommends that teachers play a ‘gender-snap pairs’ game where they ‘decide which sex-switching or gender-bending worlds you want to explore’ to ‘crack open a little bit of those rigid gender binaries’.

Brainwashing young children is not the job of schools.

I bet parents would far rather their children were competent in the three Rs, rather than them coming home demanding they are addressed by different pronouns.

Gender ideology is something that should be researched in universities, not something teachers should be told to try and explain to children.

It seems clear that the Welsh Labour Party has picked a side and is prepared to promote its belief in schools.

The law states that primary school children can be withdrawn from ‘sex and relationships’ lessons, but in secondary schools both are compulsory.

Obviously, there is a need to teach older children about the basic facts of life, sexually transmitted diseases and respect in relationships.

But the entire area of gender ideology is wholly unnecessary when teaching primary school-aged children.

There are many parents who will feel deeply uncomfortable with it.

Also, the moral aspect of sex education should be entirely in the hands of parents – the state should not interfere here.

And what about those from religious backgrounds who do not subscribe to the LGBTQ+ agenda? All are belief systems; why should one be favoured above the others?

Parents’ voices are being completely ignored and their children are being subjected to what many might even regard as propaganda.

There are many who believe that sex is determined by biology and not determined by how someone feels about themselves.