Exams or Teacher Grading

Exams or Teacher Grading

In response to a Telegraph article on the announcement by the Department for Education on this year’s exams (you can read the PDF of the article here), is that you can only have one or the other. It seems there is going to be a ‘free for all’.

Slimmed-down but compulsory exams offer a way out of the chaos that will ensue otherwise. There is the potential for a second year of completely meaningless results.

Given the ‘road map,’ it seems it will now be possible to hold exams under strict conditions. After all the children will be back at school.

Giving teachers the option to use these exams if they want and allowing them to be even completed at home or not at all seems senseless.

Again we will face a ‘pick and mix’ grading system that has no moderation and no proper grades. It makes me wonder what kind of educational advice the Secretary of State is receiving?

The government seems to be listening to good medical experts with regard to the pandemic but I’m not sure they are on education.

How are employers, colleges and universities supposed to assess potential incumbents with meaningless GCSE and A’ Level grades?

There will again be grade inflation and although the youngsters will approve and be comforted by these results we all know they do not reflect the ability or properly represent what they have learnt.

Not only are the students going to carry these ridiculous assessments for the rest of their working lives but the system has been completely compromised.