What is changing in the Maths National Curriculum?

What is changing in the Maths National Curriculum?

The new Maths curriculum is on its way, promising to ensure children have a greater understanding, ability and confidence with numbers from an earlier age.

Elements of it may seem familiar – that is because in many ways it is a return to how Maths used to be taught in schools.

Critics of the outgoing curriculum have argued that it had too much of a ‘scattergun’ approach, leaving children aware of many topics but masters of none.

Now, with a return to a more logical, back-to-basics system, children will not progress to the complex topics until they have acquired solid mathematic knowledge and are secure in their technique.

Essentially, this means that children must first be secure in their mathematical technique or use of the algorithm before they are asked to apply these techniques in problem-solving.

At AE we are strong supporters of the change – teaching in a more traditional way has always been our ethos.

The fact that it works has been proven term after term when children succeed in their Grammar and Independent school examinations and achieve high scores in their SATs tests.